The Duomo museum is a very special place and it is a perfect way to admire from a closer point of view many of the original statues, stained-glass windows and decorations of the cathedral.

We will find out why some of the statues that once were inside or on the roof of the church are now in the museum. All the decorations in the duomo are made of a special marble, it comes from a quarry in the mountains called Candoglia, a place far away from Milan.

We will come across some of the gargoyles that once were on the cathedral, beautiful statues of angels wrapped in their own wings and we will enter a space where we will be surrounded by bright and coloured glasses, it is like being inside a magic lantern.

Our tour keeps on inside the huge cathedral of Milan.


Can you imagine how did they make a stained-glass window? And how did they transport the marble from the mountains to Milan?

Tour details: kids and teens

Lenght: 2 hours

Availability: 4 seasons - Everyday except wednesday

Walking distance: inside the Cathedral & Cathedral Museum

Itinerary: Cathedral & Cathedral Museum

Price: from 210€ - 1 adult + 1 child

Cost includes:

+ private licensed guide

+ tour base 1 adult/1 kid

+ maps

+ merenda base

+ kit for young artist

skip the line Cathedral & Museum tickets


extra adult: 15€

extra child: 15€

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